enshino 母校へ帰る 3限目のデモスキット



店員: May I help you?
お客: I’m just looking thank you.

お客: Uh… excuse me?
店員: May I help you?
お客: Yes, I’m looking for jeans. Where…
店員: Oh, here it is. Anything else, sir?
お客: No, thank you.

お客: Uh… excuse me?
店員: How can I help you?
お客: Yes, uh… I don’t like blue jeans. Do you have uh…
店員: Something dark. Ok. How about this black one?
お客: Oh, uh… it’s nice, it’s nice. Ok, may I try this on?
店員: Sure. Fitting room is over there.
お客: Thank you.

お客: Uh… excuse me?
店員: Yes?
お客: It’s nice, but uh… it’s too big for me, I think. So…
店員: Shall I bring you a smaller one?
お客: Uh… smallest one please.
店員: Ok. Here you are.
お客: Thanks. Oh… this is wonderful. Uh… how much is it?
店員: It’s 10,000 yen.
お客: 10,000 yen! It’s expensive for me. Do you have uh… cheaper one?
店員: It is cheapest one.
お客: Would you give me a discount?
店員: No, sir.
お客: Oh, uh… ok. I’ll take it.


店員: May I help you?
お客: Yes, I’m looking for a birthday present.
店員: A birthday present. For who?
お客: Uh… my… girlfriend.
店員: Your girlfriend!
お客: Yes, this is my girlfriend. (Show the photo)
店員: Oh, what a cute girl isn’t she? Anyway, how about sweater?
お客: That’s a good idea.
店員: What color dose she like the best?
お客: Uh… Pink, perhaps.
店員: Oh, sorry. We don’t have pink one now. What about red one?
お客: Ah, that’s ok. Can I have smallest one?
店員: Ok. Shall I wrap it?
お客: Yes, please. Then, how much is it?
店員: It’s 4,000 yen.
お客: Ok. And can I have same sweater? Medium size please.
店員: Oh, good! So, 8,000 yen please.



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